Crystal Plaque Awards

Crystal Awards are used to honor and reward individuals who have reached a pinnacle of performance. They are often presented as retirement or service awards.

Crystal Plaque is more workable than glass during the heating process, allowing thinner award edges and finer award embellishments. It is also more compatible to fuse with other materials than glass.


Crystal awards are the top choice for many companies looking to honor their employees and customers. These premium recognition awards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are sculpted from optical crystal, a lead-free material that is ideally suited for laser engraving and sandblasting.

The glass-forming process can produce microscopic air pockets in the award, known as chill marks. These are sometimes desirable, adding a unique fingerprint-like effect to the finished award. However, the air bubbles can also be popped during treatment, resulting in a uniform appearance with no visible marks.

One of the easiest ways to identify a blown glass-based award from a crystal-forward substrate blend is to hold it up to the light. Crystal produces a subtle rainbow effect when held up to the light, while glass will obscure or distort the text behind it. You can also test the weight of the award to determine its material composition. Crystal is typically much heavier than acrylic.

Engraving Options

Our crystal awards feature many decorating options for an additional fee. Some of these options include deep surface etching with or without color, 2D and 3D subsurface engraving, and full-color digital printing. Whichever option is chosen will be discussed with you before any work begins to make sure the award is customized exactly as you wish it to be.

Because of its density, optical crystal is able to handle intricate design customizations far better than glass or acrylic. While both materials can be molded and shaped using the same thermal heat process, they cannot offer the same level of fine-comb precision that crystal can provide.

Crystal is also a more aesthetically appealing material than glass or acrylic because of its ability to diffract light and create a spectrum of colors. This makes it a premium choice for any event or recognition ceremony where you would like to convey a sense of elegance and luxury. It is for this reason that crystal tends to cost a little more than its acrylic counterparts.


Due to the handmade manufacturing and personalization process, a small amount of product variance is inevitable. Please allow up to 1/8″ discrepancy in product dimensions and/or personalization artwork alignment. Bubbles or “chill marks” caused by trapped air pockets in the glass during the blowing process may also be present; these are not considered flaws and are a natural part of the crystal material.

Our motivational awards are designed to honor those who have reached a milestone in their career or life and help to encourage them to continue on a path of success. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, our popular crystal motivational awards are ideal for retirement awards, service recognition, lifetime achievement awards and more. Rush service and shipping are available for all USA orders! For international orders, customs duties and taxes may apply. Please inquire for details. Engraved shelf samples are available upon request, credit card required for shipment. Please call or email for a quote.